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Lucky Green (Jade Oolong)

Lucky Green (Jade Oolong)

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Vibe : Are you Feeling Lucky? It must be the Jade Green in your cup, 

Jade Oolong is a classic Formosa High mountain spring tea. Known for its delicate nuanced honey orchid florals note, with subtle smooth sweet grassy spring dew hints, and traces of spring's fresh taste gives off a sunrise  bright feelings of renewed energy.  

This tea is the perfect harmony of easy energy, fun love, and satisfying mid-day hydration. A slow sip of this tea will remind you that the law of luck leans in your favor like the tower of piazza... Roll the dice and sip a cup of this jade tea steeped in luck.

Benefits:  Energy, Concentration, Focus, Digestion, anti-allergen, heart health,boost metabolism, good for skin health.

Ingredients: Organic Jade Oolong

Directions: Steep 1.5-2 tsp for 3-5 minutes 180 degrees





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Prepations Instructions

Use 1.5-2 tsp steep for 3-5 minutes

in 8oz Cup in water 205 F.

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