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Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Orange Pineapple Green Tea)

Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Orange Pineapple Green Tea)

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 Orange Pineapple Green Tea

 Vibe: This tea will make you feel sun bright and refreshed like lotto winner beaming through a static TV Tube.

You will enjoy the vitamin c burst of orange, the sweet juicy tropical tang of pineapple, the gentle grassy spring notes of sencha, which make this flavor pairing endearing, and delightful. 

Benefits:  Hydrating, Quenching, Anti-Oxidant Rich, Boost Metabolism, Aids Weight Loss ,Anti-Viral, Cognitive Function, Gum Health, Vitamin C, Hydrating, L-Theanine Rich, Improves Complexion,, Skin Health, anti-aging, lowers blood sugar levels)

Ingredients: Orange Peels, Pineapple, Green Tea, Coconut, Flavor. 


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Prepations Instructions

Use 1.5-2 tsp steep for 3-5 minutes

in 8oz Cup in water 205 F.

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