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Treasure of the Moor (Moringa Mint )

Treasure of the Moor (Moringa Mint )

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Caffeine Free- Herbal Moringa

Vibe: Moringa is a highly nourishing super herbal vitality tea- this  Moringa tisane is blended with peppermint and  cocoa nibs -

Moringa was a source of nutritional fuel for Great Moorish General Hannibal Barca  and his legion of troops marching from there various post from the Sahara on thru the Alps...His soldiers would carry moringa leaves in there satchels as vital source of protein as they navigated  tough terrains on long caravans.

This tea is great to drink throughout the day or nite, as its tasty, but also nourishes, cleans your blood, Improves skin, hair, adds luster to nail, removes toxins, provides iron, aids digestion, improves sleep, but also keeps you feeling balanced, calm, and cognitively engaged.

 Benefits: Plant based source of protein, Full of vital minerals such as vitamin C, and A, cleans blood, good for heart, lowers cholesterol, anti-microbial,  detoxifies, natural source of Iron, antioxidant rich, good for skin health, and hair, adds luster to nails, protects  Liver & Kidney functions.

Directions: 1.5-2 tsp in 8oz cup steep for 5-7 minutes in 205 degree water

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Prepations Instructions

Use 1.5-2 tsp steep for 3-5 minutes

in 8oz Cup in water 205 F.

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